Going dairy free

My plan to take the plunge into eating dairy-free has been brought forward with an immediate start date. I try to eat vegan(ish) as it is – with the exception of some products containing milk (primarily anything chocolate, absolutely blaming Thalia for this new sweet tooth), as well as occasionally eating cheese and eggs.

I also haven’t quite managed to give up fish yet – although a lot of this is due to having french in-laws…if fish wasn’t an option they would be at a total loss for what to feed me when we visit! It actually doesn’t sound like I try to eat vegan at all after that…

However, we’ve discovered that Thalia has a dairy intolerance, and due to being a breastfed baby this means that mumma gotta change her diet! Unfortunately this also means that those cream eggs which I’ve been so carefully rationing since Easter will have to go to a good home.

I’m hoping it’s something she will grow out of, little babies are sensitive to a lot of things that seem to go away as they get older. Despite feeling pretty comfortable with cooking for and raising a mostly vegan baby (she was always going to be veggie), it would limit her options a lot as she gets older, and make her one of those really difficult children that other people hate to cook for – especially in France, I’m not sure that they even know what vegan is. If you don’t eat meat and bathe in cheese how can you possibly survive?!

Either way she is still perfect and it’s not something we have to worry about too much until weaning time in a few months!

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