Au revoir England!

On Thursday we made the long trip back to Sarette, the tiny village where we live in France, leaving the UK on a 1am ferry in the hope that Thalia would sleep through the journey as well as she does through the night. And it worked!!

I wish I had something more amusing/interesting to write about the trip (without wishing that Thalia had been a nightmare), but really she slept THE WHOLE TIME. Minus two 20 minute stops for boob. She was an angel.

If you have a tiny baby who sleeps for longer at night, and a baby daddy who can stay awake whilst driving for a whole night (I absolutely cannot), I 100% recommend a night trip.

This is also where our family wagon proved itself…in our mad rush to pack and unpack I totally forgot to take a picture of everything we fit into it. But you would have been seriously impressed. It was like a giant game of Tetris.

I had a Moses basket stabbing me in the ribs and a changing mat poking me in the head for the full 8 hour drive, but realistically it could have been a lot worse.

Babies have a lot of stuff. And we packed (almost) the remainder of everything else I had left in England. I’ve officially moved to France!

This photo pretty much represents Thalia’s state for the entire journey…

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