One month later…

We are currently on our biggest family adventure yet! One month in to our time in Thailand and I finally have a few spare moments to update everyone as to what we’ve been up to.

I had foolishly hoped to be posting here at least once a week after landing in Thailand – obviously forgetting that I would be taking part in an intensive month long course on arrival, and that, of course, I have an 11 month old baby.

Having spent the last month in yoga teacher training, Thalia has been spending some quality time with papa smurf, and loving it. As much as it pains me to admit it, I think that handing over the daily parenting job for a little while has done us all the world of good. François has finally realised that he’s an incredible dad, Thalia has finally realised that there’s more to life than mum and boobs, and I’ve finally realised that the world isn’t going to end if I spend time away from Thalia. She’s been safe in the hands of her dad (minus a few head bumps which obviously wouldn’t have happened on my watch), and is all the more outgoing and confident for it.

So let’s get to a brief summary of our last month in Thailand.

We arrived in Bangkok on New Year’s Eve, where Thalia had her first experience of riding in a tuk tuk (see my Instagram highlights), meandering through Khao San Road, and meeting a variety of intoxicated youths. We only caught a couple of concerned glares and comments from passers by…’I can’t believe they brought their baby here’. Little did they know that it was actually our plan to try and sell Thalia on the black market. But all in all, it was the best time I’ve ever spent in Bangkok. The people LOVED her and she loved the people. We couldn’t walk 20 metres without having to stop and let someone squeeze her cheeks and try to fight her out of the baby carrier. After a month of attention from strangers she is becoming the most outrageously sassy and brave little warrior. I think she might be my spirit animal.

After Bangkok we took a sleeper train down to the south of Thailand, the thought process being that she sleeps SO well in the car, how badly would she sleep in a bed on a train cuddled up to mummy?! Well, I can say with an open and honest heart that it was a NIGHTMARE. And not the kind that you get from sleeping, seeing as between François and myself we got about 3 hours of sleep in a 15 hour journey. Thalia had a much better time playing, talking and climbing around our bunk all night than I think she’s ever had anywhere. Needless to say that my boobs were sucked dry in an attempt to soothe her to sleep every hour, until halfway through the journey François stepped in and I could rest my weary body for a couple of hours before we arrived.

Luckily our trip makes for a great story, unfortunately that means that the havoc continued. On arrival in Surrathani, we were informed after waiting around for about an hour (this is outrageously fast in Thailand) that there was a cyclone approaching, and as a result all boats to the islands had been cancelled as of 12pm that day until further notice – which was expected to be in 3 days’ time. Let me tell you now, Suratthani is no place to spend 3 days. If anyone knows the area please correct me if I’m wrong, but there is nothing to do. Really. Nothing. Luck had it, however, that for a handful of us there was still one car ferry operating and willing to take us to Koh Phangan. Once boarded on the ferry I started to wonder whether luck actually was on our side, or whether we were going to sink in a Titanic-esque finalé. I had the worst images flashing through my head for the entire journey. In the end it was pretty smooth sailing; and we arrived just in time to grab a quick taxi to our bungalow, for me to run to the opening ceremony of the yoga teacher training and in true ‘me’ style be 10 minutes late and have to sit on the outside of the group circle waiting for the chanting to be over and someone notice me.

The group was a perfect size of 11 people. And we had. I have just spent the last month with the kindest and most gifted people I could have wished for, and am absolutely devastated to be saying goodbye to them all! Though no doubt we will meet again in yoga world. Or in the real world. I’m yet to decide whether they can ever be the same thing.

I’ll be dedicating a separate post to my time spent at the yoga school. But for now I’m sitting on my balcony, looking out at the sea and sun, and getting super duper excited for what comes next!!!

P.S. I realised after posting this that it’s probably important to state that the cyclone went off course and missed the islands in the end. Much to our relief. Though I did experience my first ever, albeit mild earthquake instead. Swings and roundabouts…

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