Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

I’m a yoga teacher! Last month I spent 200 intensive hours in Yoga Teacher Training on Koh Phangan, and loved every gruelling second of it. And in all honesty, not one second of it was actually gruelling…you know what is gruelling? Breastfeeding an 11 month old with a no-sleep attitude through the night, and then waking up for the day at 6.30 to go to yoga school.

After searching the internet to browse through the many many MANY yoga schools on Koh Phangan, I finally settled for Nirodha Yoga. On paper, they appeared to offer one of the most comprehensive and holistic styles of YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) for one of the least outrageous prices. In reality this couldn’t have been more accurate. I saved myself around 300 euros (in comparison with a number of other schools on the island), AND that included staying in a resort, with a pool, with my own kitchen, for a month. In regards to the course itself, well, lemme tell ya, the teacher trainers were amazing. We were lucky to have three teachers, each with different interests, approaches and styles of yoga/teaching. I learnt more from them in one month than I think I learnt in three years at university. We had a perfectly sized group of 11 down-to-earth, big hearted people from around the world. And combined with the instructors, I think I have made a brand new group of life long friends!

Enough of the gushing…

I originally began this post by writing a list of all of the topics and practices that we covered. But the list went on and on and on and on. And on. So I’ll name a few just to give you an idea. We covered: yin, vinyasa, hatha, meditation, self-healing, pranayama, anatomy, anxiety, ayurveda, the chakras, history. And on top of that, were really encouraged towards finding our own style of teaching yoga. The only problem being: where on earth do I begin to find a niche within this huge wealth of new knowledge that I want to share with the world?! I’ll be spending the foreseeable future dreaming about yoga and all of it’s possibilities.

I can say with some confidence that my future at least partly lies in teaching pre/postnatal yoga. Who doesn’t want to spend their time connecting with amazing women, teaching them some all important self-love and rubbing their bellies?! …or is that just me? But for the time being, I’ll be developing my own practice in my new little home on Koh Tao, giving François a discounted yoga class or two if he’s lucky, and spreading the yoga love to the millions. Or to anyone who will listen.


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