The big move

After 3 years of talking about how much we would love to live in Toulouse – followed by 2 years of living in the French countryside/the land before time – we finally bit the bullet and rented ourselves an apartment just outside of Toulouse city centre!

Toulouse is a beautiful place and has held a special place in our hearts for some time. It’s where – pre-conception and with no plans to bring a baby into our care-free lives – we chose our wonderful daughter’s name! A spirited little darling who is currently eating her very own homemade soup after pouring a cup of juice into a lunch of curried rice, quinoa and sweetcorn. Yum.

With all of our plant babies in place, a few frames on the walls, and the yoga corner starting to look like the personal studio of my dreams, our little two-bed in The Pink City is really starting to feel like home.

Day 1 was odd…coming from a tiny house situated in my mother-in-law’s garden to our very own two bedroom apartment had us all eating lunch on the floor in front of the fridge – what to do with all of this space?! Not use it, obviously. However, now that Christmas has passed (and with it, endless visits to friends and family near and far) I can confidently say that the three of us are feeling well settled in our new abode and eating meals at the dining table…with the exception of Netflix and chill (chill being code word for putting Thalia to bed, getting a blanket each and slobbing with our dinners on our laps in front of the new Dracula series. Has anybody else watched this? Holy crap is it terrifying and gross?!).

But let’s talk about the best part of all this – Thalia now has her very own bedroom! Giving Thalia a space that is all her own to use however and whenever she wants to has been one of my biggest mum dreams since the very beginning. I get so many feels when she runs into her bedroom to find me a pretend cup of tea or giraffe head (plush toy, we’re vegans here – unless it involves camembert, my kryptonite)…it’s the small things about being a mumma that are the most precious.

And following the delivery of my fur baby (Odin the rabbit) last week, we are now officially a complete family of four and living our best lives. Primarily Odin, who quite literally sounds like he’s laughing when he poops in places that he’s not supposed to – and now that he’s sitting on my wrists while I write, I guess that this post is over! Lots more about our discovery of Toulouse to come!

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