Safari Kids Toulouse – Review

Last week Thalia and I rode the entire length of the metro to discover one of our local soft play centres: Safari Kids.

As a stay-at-home-mum, soft play centres are one of my favourite places to go and discover because:

  • We get out of the house
  • Thalia uses up lots of energy without destroying me in the process
  • She gets the chance to interact with other kids – though she’ll usually just watch them and run away at the first sign of communication
  • I get the chance to play like a 4 year old

So for other parents in the area that are looking for an activity away from the house, here’s all you need to know about Safari Kids in Toulouse.

How to get there

Safari Kids is closest to the Mirail Université stop on Metro Line A – once you leave the metro it’s a 5-10 minute walk (depending on how many children you have in one pushchair, how many are walking, and how desperate you are to arrive ASAP – there must be some kind of equation to work out a mum’s travel time with children in tow…).

Google Maps had us taking all sorts of weird paths through the university grounds, which ended up with me getting pretty lost. Below is the more straightforward and equally fast route.

Once you’re inside


The tariff changes depending on the age of your child and what time you arrive.

Arriving between 10am-1pm
€5 for children aged 1-3
€7.50 for children 4+

Arriving between 1pm-7pm
€7 for children aged 1-3
€10 for children aged 4+

No matter what time you arrive, you have unlimited access until the centre closes at 7pm.

The food

As well as snacks and hot drinks at the main counter, there is a restaurant working alongside the centre where you’ll find burgers, paninis, salads and desserts. There are limited options for vegetarians and unfortunately nothing suitable for vegans.

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to consume ‘outside food’ in the centre. However, when I asked about this and the fact that there was nothing Thalia could eat, a lovely staff member told me that it was no problem and to go ahead with our packed lunch 👍.

The equipment

This is a larger soft play centre twith lots of different areas for children of all ages to play.

There’s a little corner for babies away from the madness of the older children’s area – here you’ll find a slide and lots of soft play blocks to keep you busy building cabins (we all know it’s you and not the kids who are going to be doing that). But the nice thing about the centre is that there are elements for younger children dotted around everywhere. So if you’ve got older and younger children you can stay near all of them.

Another thing I noticed is that the equipment is really quite clean – the ball pits could do with a freshen up but I didn’t find any sweet wrappers or crumbs lurking in the depths.

More info/tips

  • The centre has free Wifi.
  • Children (and adults who plan to play) have to wear socks.
  • Open 10am-7pm Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (open every day during the school holidays).
  • Find them at for all the information that you need!

My last and best tip: time your visit to fall at some point over lunchtime (especially when visiting during the busier school holidays!). The other kids will all sit down to eat from midday for 15/20 minutes, so you’ll pretty much have the whole place to yourself! I snapped up the opportunity to release my inner child and monkey around on the big kid’s climbing area with Thalia and we loved it.

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