Koh Tao, Thailand – 2019


I’m Keira; mother, expat, yoga lover, explorer. Welcome to my little corner of the online world!

Originally from the UK, and now living in France – with the odd long holiday to Asia thrown in. Myself, my partner and our daughter started our family life in a converted tiny house in my mother-in-laws garden in the French countryside. As beautiful as it was, and as idyllic as it might sound, it’s the sort of place that called for hobbies. That, along with my love of being a mum, is what led me to start this blog.

We now live in Toulouse – a pink city that has earned ‘our favourite place in the world’ title. Here I hope to bring my cute french yoga studio dreams alive, and until then I’ll be exploring our new home and sharing it with you, as well as tidbits from my much-loved mum life, and anything else that I consider to be remotely worth writing about!

Currently in: Toulouse!